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Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine is a true living lab to experiment and develop.

An isolated microcosm with a natural diversity unique in Quebec and Canada, where possibilities to test new ways of doing things, whether at the social, technological or environmental level, are extensive. Our economy affects the spheres of the blue economy (potential of the oceans and circular economy), the green economy (human well-being, social equity and sustainable development) and the orange economy (creative industries and tourism).

La Vague is a local strategic partner

  • Who takes advantage of its expertise of the local network and territorial issues

  • Who acts as a facilitator with the local and external stakeholders involved

  • Who is an ambassador to open the doors of the industry

  • Who is a team player focused on cooperation, collaboration and partnerships

Attract innovative projects with positive impacts for the community


An experimentation-friendly archipelago: bluetech, climate tech, cleantech, social tech, art and culture.

An island environment with diversified natural elements: direct access to the sea, 300 km of beaches, dunes, lagoons, forest cover, biodiversity, winds, etc.


A territory at the forefront of climate change.

A microcosm of nearly 13,000 islanders, rich in locally engaged organizations, partners and businesses.


  • Docks, transporters and shipyards

  • Processing plants along the coastline

  • Optical fiber and high power capacity

  • Lab-factory, island innovation hub, room for incubation tanks

  • Research centers: Merinov, CEGRIM, CERMIM, Nergica, CIRADD

  • Fishing associations with a fleet of 325 lobster boats

  • Les Îles's CEGEP, UQAR

  • Diversity of collaborative economic partners

  • More than 50 social economy organizations and businesses (health and social services, circular economy, land protection, cultural promotion and dissemination, heritage and history)

  • Association and bio-food sector in development

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