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The cohort coaching is a turnkey approach that addresses specific business problems with experienced coaches and experts, in addition to providing opportunities to share the best practices with other businesses in Les Îles. This course aims to build and strengthen the competitiveness of businesses of various sizes and maturity in Les Îles through a strategic support that includes a mix of collective and individual coaching. The result: a tangible action plan. These courses are interesting because of the meaningful dynamics that take place both in the group sessions and the individual work sessions.



  • Duration of 3 to 5 months

  • Mix of collective and individual coaching 

    • Strategic collective workshops 

    • Individual key meetings

  • 1 personal lead coach and experts on specific themes

  • Writing support


Implement a tangible action plan to get a better picture of your growth.

There is currently no cohort program scheduled, but it is possible to fill in our form (lean management) if you are interested.

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The 10 stages of the lean management yellow belt

  1. white belt

  2. Map the value chain

  3. Change planning and improvement project

  4. Briefly measure a value chain

  5. Introduction to the Kaizen approach: finding solutions to waste and non-added value

  6. Map a process to target value-added and non-value-added activities, bottleneck analysis

  7. Application of the 6 bottleneck optimization rules and lean tools

  8. Create a synchronized flow to improve flexibility

  9. Implement a pull flow to improve productivity and customer experience

  10. Measure and control the results of an implantation

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