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The Individual course is our regular program, which is focused on growth. It offers up to 300 hours of personalized support to companies selected for their growth potential.



This course targets organizations of all sectors combined, that are in full expansion and have a growth project:

  • Diversification

  • Innovation

  • Internationalization

  • Development of new products or services

  • Other optimizations


  • Tailored support

    • Up to 300 hours of fully personalized support depending on the business project, duration of 6 months to 1 year

    • Access to a network of coaches and experts

    • Expertise: operations, financing, strategy, management, commercialization, internationalization, human resources, legal, marketing and communication

  • Attractiveness

    • Les Îles's attractiveness

    • Visibility and access to new markets enhanced by a network of national and international partners

  • Community

    • Exchanges, collaborations and feedback with Les Îles's innovative community of entrepreneurs

  • Easier access to financing networks

    • Develop your financing strategy

    • Find the right networks and financial leverage


  • The project's impact for the company and the community

  • The company's maturity and its ability to support the growth plan

  • The compatibility of growth objectives with the directions of the marine community in terms of economic development

  • The entrepreneur's availability and commitment


Provide knowledge transfer and direct investment in the community. 


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